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Books published by Hamsa Ashramam

  Art & Science of Sadhana (meditation) This book describes "How to do Sadhana ? What constitutes Sadhana ? Can we do something in our spare time ? This will serve the need of many seekers.

Art & Science of Sadhana front cover
  Scientist's Search for Truth Scientist's search for truth is a fascinating autobiography, which could very well be anybody's, even your own. Swami Virajeshwara gives a thrilling account of his journey towards Self-realisation.

Scientist's search for truth front cover
  Bhagavad Gita Science of Bhagavadgita is a novel approach to understand Gita through modern science. It covers all aspects of yoga, Vedanta and scientifically clears doubts and objections of critics of religion in lucid flow easily understood by average readers. Attracted by its scientific appeal, the book has been translated into Japanese language and published in Tokyo.

Bhagavad Gita front cover

To order the above books, please send a mail to Swamiji (see Contact Info). You will get a reply detailing the mode of payment/delivery.